Dr. Henry O. Chusuey

Dr. Henry O. Chusuey

Our BFI Chairman Henry O. Chusuey’s relentless drive to serve the Boracay community is very evident in how he shares his time and ideas in each monthly board meeting. His unwavering support for the BFI is proof of how serious he is in sustainably developing the island.

As the BFI Chairman, he always emphasized the important role of members in promoting and ensuring the sustainable use of the island’s resources.

Chusuey recounts how he fell in love with the beauty of Boracay in the 1980s. He used to spend vacations in the island as he fondly admired its beautiful beaches. However, he was always displeased due to the lack of top quality accommodations in the island.

Chusuey shares, “I built Boracay Regency in 1998 because I wanted to offer my clients a good place that they could call home in Boracay. Because they worked hard for the money they would spend on the island, they deserved an accommodation that was way beyond the standard.”

He decided to test the waters and initially invested P60-million in the Boracay Regency Beach Resort. The investment situated at one of the best locations on the island, right at the middle of the long White Beach, started with only 43 rooms. Today, Henann Resorts’ three resort properties in Boracay have a total of 678 rooms of only high quality standards.

Chusuey believes that continuous enhancement and improvement are essential to stay on top of the hotel industry. “The most important thing to consider is value for money so that customers do not feel cheated. They need to feel their money’s worth.”

During the celebration of Henann Resorts’ 15th anniversary, Chusuey reminisced about his early ventures in the hotel industry. “I never knew that a simple idea would lead to where and what we are today,” Chusuey humbly related.
As the Chairman of BFI, Chusuey always exclaims, “What is good for Boracay, is good for my business. This goes beyond the increase of tourists arriving in the island, but in all aspects including the sustainable use of the island’s resources. He always shares how important it is to ensure the strict implementation of laws in the island as this would largely impact the tourists’ experience in the island.

Chusuey is optimistic of the country’s tourism industry and has even embarked on major projects outside of Boracay with developments in Bohol and Palawan.

“By 2015, we will have five resorts in Boracay, from Stations 1 to 3 totaling to more or less 1,000 rooms,” Chusuey announced during a roundtable interview.

Finally, Chusuey shares that his secret to success as a businessman is simple, “It’s about building a brand that is synonymous with great accommodations, excellent service and value for money.”